CHS workshop 7-22-17 2PM

The Colebrook Historical Society invites you to attend a very special workshop on Saturday, July 22, at 2:00 PM, at the historic Rock School. Colebrook resident Eric Rochow will share his expertise on How to Smoke Fish in a Cardboard Box and Make a Salad from Weeds in Your Backyard. Not only will you have a unique experience, you’ll have something good to eat at the end of it. Eric is a true jack of all trades, and a master of many. His grandfather was a building superintendent in the South Bronx, and his family has always believed in “doing it yourself”. When Eric was in grade school the Rochows moved to Wisconsin, where Eric learned hunting, fishing, camping and tree felling. These many and varied experiences have evolved into Gardenfork TV, of which Eric is the producer and host. His website, is an eclectic mix of beekeeping, gardening, cooking, home improvement, Real World Green, and DIY projects of all kinds. To put it in Eric’s words, it’s “whatever cool stuff I think might be fun to share with people”. On Saturday, July 22, he’ll be sharing cool stuff with you. The Rock School is the only one room schoolhouse in Connecticut that hasn’t been modernized in any way. The Colebrook Historical Society has restored it with great attention to authentic detail. It’s located at the intersection of Route 183 and Sandy Brook Road in Colebrook. For further information contact Carol Lord at> or 860-738-8244.

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