Request for volunteers Saturday morning on Gaylord Road

There will be a work party from 9-11 am this Saturday, Oct. 7 on Gaylord Road in Colebrook. Please come for even half an hour to help pull out an invasive annual grass, Japanese Stiltgrass, before its seeds drop onto the soil. There is about 75-100 feet of roadside that needs attention. The plants pull out easily and large plastic garbage bags will be provided. It's easy to recognize this grass and the organizers will get you started pulling in a matter of minutes with a few short tips and sample plants. Japanese stiltgrass is growing in Colebrook along Gaylord Road and also Deer Hill Road. It may well be along other roads. Although an annual, this grass spreads rapidly and outcompetes native plants growing in the same area. The Farmington River Coordinating Committee is trying to keep more seeds from reaching the Farmington and Still Rivers and dispersing even further. Botanist Elizabeth Corrigan is collaborating with the Town Road Crew to help eliminate stiltgrass in Colebrook. Mowing and burning help knock down the plants in the spring and summer. In the fall, the best treatment is to remove any plants that have formed seeds. Please join us on Saturday morning -- any amount of time that you can give will make a difference. Gaylord Road is a short road that runs between Deer Hill Road and Smith Hill Road. As you are going down Deer Hill Road heading to Route 8, it is the first road on the right. For more information, call Edna Travis at 860-379-7459 or Joyce Hemingson at 860-379-6425. Thank you for any time you can donate to this effort. [] ​​​​

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