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Dog License Application 2017




June is Dog License Renewal Month
June 8, 2017
Dog owners who license their pets as required during
June are not only helping to
ensure their dog’s safety, but are contributing to the health of other dogs in need of
vaccination and sterilization through the Dept. of Agriculture’s Animal Population
Control Program (APCP).
State law requires that all dog
s over six months old must be licensed through local town
clerks, and all licenses expire annually on June 30.
The license fee is $8 for a dog that has been spayed or neutered, and $19 for an
unaltered dog.
Owners receive a new license tag for the upcoming year to attach to their dog’s collar.
The tags’ color and shape changes each year, allowing animal control officers to
determine if a dog’s license is current.
While licenses are commonly and correctly thought of as “a lost dog’s ticket home,”
many owners may not understand that a portion of the license fee also produces vital
funding for the APCP, which has provided vaccination/sterilization services for more
than 200,000 animals since its’ inception in 1994.
The APCP is a dedicated account
that offers vaccination/sterilization benefits to pets
being adopted from municipal facilities and those owned by low-income Connecticut
residents, as well as feral cats being helped by non-profit organizations.
It is estimated that in the past 20 years the APCP has helped to reduce impounded pets
by about 40 percent, and euthanasia of dogs and cats by about 70 percent.
Having fewer pets in municipal pounds has prompted significant budget savings for
cities in towns due to lower costs associated with feeding, housing and euthanasia.
Licensing also encourages owners to have their dogs vaccinated for rabies, because
proof of a current rabies vaccination status is required in order to issue a license.
Compliance with the licensing requirement, however, has declined in recent years, and
it is estimated that only about 25% of owners license their dogs annually.
Owners of unlicensed dogs may be issued a $75 fine by Municipal Animal Control
Officers, and the fine for having an unvaccinated dog or cat is $136.
Dog licenses may be purchased at local town clerks’ offices. Applications may also be
downloaded at and mailed to the town clerk’s office.
A Spanish-language version of the dog license application is available at:
Steve Jensen
CT Dept. of Agriculture
Office of Cmsr. Steven K. Reviczky
450 Columbus Blvd., Hartford CT 06103