Affordable Housing Plan

The Draft Colebrook Housing Affordability Plan is now available for review. Click here to review the full DRAFT plan.

The Colebrook Housing Plan Steering Committee wants to hear if Colebrook Residents support the DRAFT plan’s goals before it goes to the Board of Selectmen for adoption. Please take 5 minutes to take the online survey and give us your feedback today!

Click here to complete 5 minute survey

Colebrook has beautiful open spaces and a rural small-town quality of life. The Affordable Housing Plan seeks to protect these aspects that we love about our town while also, in a strategic and focused way, working locally to meet our residents’ housing needs over the next five years.

The goals of this plan are:

  1. Form a non-profit (501c3) Colebrook Housing Organization
  2. Expand housing options for seniors
  3. Keep residents living safely and affordably in their homes
  4. Support first-time home buyer options

View the Housing Plan Survey Flyer here

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