Post Storm Info

Dear Colebrook Residents

Finally the snow storm is over!  To say the least it was a doozy and proved to be a very challenging weather event.  As you may all have noticed the amount of snowfall varied by elevation, down where I live we measured 10- 18, inches.  In the higher regions like Shantry Road and Cobb City there was an estimated 24 inches.   One thing the weather forecaster got right was that it would be long in duration with wet heavy snow. 

There are two groups that need special recognition.

Our DPW folks put in some extensive hours throughout this storm.  They began pre-treating the roads Monday evening and with very few breaks and a brief respite to get some sleep worked right through until late Wednesday evening.  In total, I estimate that they probably clocked 38 hours plowing roads and  parking lots.  Colebrook has approximately 42 miles of roads that they maintain plus several very large parking lots.  DPW Foreman Bill Jasmin was able to assemble a team  of workers and trucks to tackle this storm and at one point he had deployed six trucks to plow the roads and parking lots.  Wet heavy snow is extremely difficult to plow and it takes a long time and a toll on the trucks.   Bill  and crew managed to keep up with the storm and keep the roads of Colebrook open and safe for travel.  This was remarkable considering that he also had to deal with  two broken snow plows, a transmission that got stuck in reverse and a blown tire.  I also want to give a big shout out to Ben Bartlett who helped along with Ed Finn, Josh Jasmin and Will Sweeney.  Thanks very much for all of the hard work and the long, long hours.

The Fire department was busy as well.   Over the course of two days they responded  to no  less than seven Emergency calls for fallen limbs and trees on power lines.  These folk also put in long hours as well and need to be commended for the work they do to keep Colebrook safe.  As a Town we are very lucky to have a reliable all volunteer fire department .  Thanks to Chief Bartlett, Deputies Todd Hiller and Craig Carfiro  and the rest of the volunteers.  I truly appreciate your support!

Eversource,  also did an excellent job responding to restore power and deal with all of the downed trees and limbs.  Frankly, I lost count of how many trees and limbs fell and there were several roads blocked by fallen wires and trees.  Thanks to all of the residents who either called, texted or sent an e-mail  to me letting know of dangerous situations.   That really helps to get the proper work crews dispatched to correct these situations. 

Let’s hope that this is the last of the winter storms!


Chris Johnstone

1st Selectman

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