To All Colebrook Residents,
Good News! In the past few weeks you probably have seen the white service trucks towing trailers with reels of fiber optic cable. Yes that’s right, Frontier is installing fiber optic cable in our town. This will bring the availability for all residents to subscribe to “High Speed Internet”. Frontier is on a mission to build what they call Gigabit America. Please note, this is a wired fiber-optic infrastructure project; it is not a 5G wireless project. You will continue to notice more activity in the town during the installation process.
Here are the highlights for Colebrook:
Upgrades through fiber-to-the premise expansion. The 2023 build will serve approximately 700 single family units and single business units. Fiber can provide unlimited additional future services. Frontier Fiber Optic provides 500Mbps up to 5.0 Gigabit service. The majority of the work will be performed on existing overhead lines.
How Frontier Fiber Optic will reach you: The Fiber connection begins their Central Office, located in downtown Winsted and arrives at the neighborhood Fiber Hub. Next, it connects to the Fiber terminal, which is a small box with four connection terminal, and is then sent straight to the customers location.
Frontier Fiber Optic – Current Residential Pricing: Installation, Fiber Cable from the street to your house, $50.00. Fiber 500 $44.99 Fiber 1 Gig $69.pp Fiber 2 Gig $99.99
Please remember that this is high speed internet and not cable T/V.
Now you are all probably wondering when will this be available? When I spoke to the Frontier executives last week, they are hoping to have this system operational by late April or early May. Not with standing any unforeseen construction delays.
In the next few days / weeks, Frontier will be in the neighborhood marketing the Fiber Optic and will be placing information at your homes. That all the information that I have for now and as I receive any additional news I will certainly pass it along.
Chris Johnstone
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