Colebrook Update

Hello Colebrook Residents:

In the past few weeks, there have been articles in the news and postings on Facebook about car break-ins and vandalism. I urge everyone to always remove your car keys, and lock your doors when parking your car. Even if this is just for a few minutes while you stop to pick something up at the store. When parking your car in your driveway, be extra vigilant, remove the keys, lock the car and keep your keys in a safe place in your house. If you can park your car or truck in a garage this is even better. Too many times I read in the newspaper or hear on the news, about someones car or truck that was stolen, and the keys were left in the car. Don’t be that person, Don’t be a victim.
FLU Season: This is just a reminder that the Farmington Valley Health District is holding a Flu Clinic on the 8th of November. More information about the clinic is available on the Town Website. If you need a ride to get a flu shot you can always call the Senior Center and schedule a ride on the Senior Center Bus, call 860 738-9521.
COVID – Please be aware that the Covid virus is rearing its ugly presence once again. Please take all the necessary precautions to protect yourselves and your loved ones. If you think you may be symptomatic, please take a test. Unfortunately the Town does not have test kits to pass out at this time. You may order up to four free test kits through<>.
Bridges – The Pinney Street Bridge is being paved as I write this note. The project was delayed by a week or so due to some drainage issues that needed to be resolved before the roadway could be paved. Before the bridge can be opened to traffic, the guardrails need to be installed and a final inspection will need to be completed. I am anticipating a Bridge opening date for the week of November 13th.
Sandy Brook Road and Old Creamery Road Bridges are nearing completion. The Sandy Brook Road Bridge deck was poured last Friday and work has continued on the bridge walls and the approach ends of the Bridge. Same with Old Creamery Road, I anticipate a completion date for those two bridges to remain on or about the 25th of November. GM-2 and NJR have scheduled a project meeting for this coming Wednesday. Once I have an updated target date for opening the bridge(s) I will let you all know.
Enjoy the weekend and be safe….
Chris Johnstone

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