Message from the Colebrook School

Dear Colebrook School Community,

As you know, the health, safety and wellness of students and staff are of the utmost importance here at Colebrook Consolidated School. There are no words to fully express our feelings about the horrific mass shooting that occurred yesterday in Uvalde, Texas. Our hearts, prayers and thoughts go to the grief-stricken families and staff of Robb Elementary School. While we have all seen far too many of these events, it does not make it any easier to process this tragedy.

The staff at Colebrook School will address and support students today and in the coming days based on their individual needs. Whatever your child’s need may be, our dedicated staff and teachers, psychologist, support staff and administration will support students at their developmental level. In addition to the support of our students, we encourage anyone in our school community to share any safety concerns with us. Even with all of our protocols in place, sometimes the best information comes from students and/or family members who recognize an issue that raises concern. During school hours, please bring your concerns to Principal Beth Driscoll. After school hours, please report any concerning threats or important information directly to law enforcement.

With our number one priority of keeping students and staff safe, please know that Colebrook School has security protocols and plans in place, and that all students and school personnel regularly participate in crisis drills. Our school district has had a long-standing and successful working relationship with state troopers at Troop B. We also have a school security upgrade taking place at the school this summer which will replace many exterior and interior doors and hardware, cameras as well as other security measures.
We are fortunate to have a strong school community. While remaining vigilant, we will continue to enjoy our positive school environment. We are appreciative of everyone’s efforts in keeping the members of our school community safe.

Thank you for your continued support of Colebrook Consolidated School.

Bob Gilbert, Superintendent

Beth Driscoll, Principal

Colebrook Consolidated School

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