HVAC Referendum Vote Results

Good Morning Colebrook Residents,
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)….Coming soon to a school near you! I am pleased to announce the results of the Referendum for the Colebrook Consolidated School HVAC Referendum that was voted on yesterday, 22 November 2022. The voters of the Town of Colebrook approved a $1.8 HVAC project for school. This is subject to being awarded a grant that will limit the town’s share of the cost to $1 million or less and further approved the borrowing of up to $1 million for this purpose on terms satisfactory to the Boards of Selectman and Finance. There was a total of 146 votes cast, with 100 “yea” votes and 46 “nay” votes.
The school superintendent now has permission to submit all of the required documents for the grant to the State of Connecticut for review and hopefully we will know in January if the town has been awarded the grant.
I am very appreciative of all of the work that has gone into this project to move it forward. Upgrading the Mechanical Room, HVAC system and the electrical service has been a project discussed and worked on by the School Building Committee, the Board of Education and the Board of Finance for many years. I thank all of the past and current members of these boards for all of the help and thought that has gone into this project.
Chris Johnstone , 1st Selectman
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