Week in Review

Hello Colebrook Residents,
As this week comes to an end, I would like to bring you all up to date on events and the Status of projects and things that have transpired and things that will be happening next week.
Fritz Road: To all the residents, I thank you for your patience while waiting to have the end of your driveways paved. Once Galasso completed paving Fritz Road, their work crew that finishes the driveway aprons was scheduled to come back the following week. Unfortunately, that has not happened and from what I understand it is a result of their work schedule and problems staffing positions. They have promised to finish the driveways, so I ask for more patience, and I promise that the aprons will be paved.
Old Creamery Road Bridge: Just an additional reminder that as of Monday, August 21st, 2023, the Creamery Road Bridge will be closed for construction. NJR Construction has marked the detour routes. The bridge is located between the intersections of Ruth Cross Road / Old Creamery Road which is to the east of the bridge and Robertsville/ Old Forge Road and Creamery Road which is on the western side of the Bridge.
Sandy Brook Road Bridge: Work continues on the construction of the new bridge however; the two July weather events did cause a delay in the progress. NJR Construction has applied for a three-week extension to their contract which would extend the completion date to the end of November. The request for the time delay extension must be approved by Connecticut DOT. Despite the request for the extension, I am hopeful that NJR will still be able to make up for time lost and finish the bridge in early November.
Pinney Street Bridge: Dayton Construction informed me earlier this week that there has been a delay in the production schedule for the concrete box culvert. Dayton Construction was notified by Fort Miller, the concrete fabricator that the production start date for the concrete box culvert has slipped to the 14th of September, with an approximate seven days for production. This is due to a delay in a shipment of galvanized re-bar, (supply chain issues). I think I can safely say that it will be the end of September before the concrete products are on hand for construction to begin. As I know more about the progress of the production schedule, I will let you all know.
Rock Hall Road: I f you have travelled on Rock Hall Road lately, you will have noticed that our Department of Public Works personnel have been busy prepping the road for re-construction and paving. Right now, they expect to start reclamation of the south end of Rock Hall Road and paving of the north end to begin on August 28th. DPW Foreman Bill Jasmin has indicated that it will take five days to complete this project. So please, plan accordingly, expect traffic delays and a lot of construction for the week of 28 August 2023 – 1 September 2023.
Department of Public Works: Speaking the Department of Public Works, As of Monday, August 14th, 2023 there was a new addition to the DPW staff. Please welcome Mike Girolamo as our new employee. Mike is a seasoned professional and will be a great addition to the Town of Colebrook’s work force!
Lastly, on behalf of the Town of Colebrook, yesterday afternoon, I submitted an application to the Connecticut Office of Policy and Management (OPM) for a Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP) Grant. If the 2023 grant is approved this will provide $418,479.50 which will cover eighty percent of five paving projects with an estimated total cost of $523,099.35. The projects identified in the grant are for paving Pine Road, Eno Hill Road, Robertsville Road, Old Forge Road and the Forge Firehouse parking lot.
I hope you all enjoy the weekend.
Chris Johnstone, 1st Selectman
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