Colebrook Trees

To All Colebrook Residents,
The emerald ash borer and the natural aging of our trees in Colebrook has taken a toll. In the past year or so, regardless of the weather, the trees along the sides of our roads have been dropping their limbs or just plain falling down. Add a wet heavy snow storm and some wind and the dynamics really change. In the past few weeks there have been so many limbs and trees involving power lines that I have lost count. My real concern is that many of the trees and limbs that have fallen have completely blocked the roads without notice. My worst fear is that a tree may hit a car or person and cause a collision or an injury. Our DPW folks have been diligent in trying to identify and cut as many trees that pose a problem. They have also been busy cleaning up debris that has fallen. Unfortunately it seems as though trees and limbs are falling faster than they clear them up. So far this year the Town has spent $73,000., on tree removal. This does not take into account the amount of trees that the DPW folks have taken down and removed. It is a huge expense and a subject that I am going to address at the Annual Budget Hearing on Thursday evening at 7:00PM.
As an example, in the last week, a limb fell and completely blocked Sandy Brook Road, the results of that weren’t good. This weekend on Saturday a tree uprooted and fell on the power lines on Smith Hill Road and on Sunday a tree uprooted and fell on the power lines on Deer Hill Road. In the last case the road was partially blocked by the trees creating a very dangerous situation. I might add that it isn’t just trees that are falling down. A week ago Sunday, a utility pole fell down bringing the wires with it completely blocking Schoolhouse Road. This wasn’t noticed right away as none of the residents lost power. The wires were still live, laying on the ground. Please remain away from downed live power lines.
So I ask for everyone’s help, if you see a dangerous tree or limb that needs to be taken down please call or send an e-mail to me at the Town Hall. If there are power lines involved, especially if they are live and arcing on the ground please call 911 and report the dangerous situation. In the meantime our DPW will continue to address the tree situation and work to keep our community safe.
In the Meantime… Every four years Eversource conducts vegetation management in the town. This year in conjunction with Lewis Tree they will once again be evaluating vegetation and trees that are a hazard to the power grid infra-structure. I have spoken to the Lewis Tree representative and our Eversource Liaison and they will be canvassing the neighborhoods for dangerous trees and vegetation in the town owned right of way. If they see a tree that needs to be trimmed or removed they will place a card at your residence advising you of the recommend action and asking for permission to remove the danger. I ask that you please give your permission. The more trees that we can get trimmed or removed helps avoid electrical power interruptions, dangerous situations that are created when a tree or limb falls into the roadway.
As always, please feel free to call me here at the Town Hall or send an e-mail.
Chris Johnstone
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